Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Promising something for everyone

We had a Halloween party at the Commune, and in looking for a 5 person costume came up with the Love Boat. Yes, that's Issac, Julie, Dr. Bricker, the Captain and his daughter welcoming you aboard. We had this in three apartments, so we made them into decks: the first floor was the boarding level, the 2nd floor was the Fiesta deck (midnight buffet) and the third floor was the Lido deck (bar). Food on the midnight buffet included such favorites as ham, pineapple and cheese cubes on sticks, stuck into a watermelon rind and Swedish meatballs. The Lido deck features Mai-Tais and tropical fruit. Richard Simmons made an appearance, as did a lovely retiree from Boca Roton. No Charo, unfortunately.
I loved the fact that two days before this party, no one had done anything, and then with the addition of a couple of wigs and a Just For Men beard dye kit suddenly we got our mojo back. A little effort always makes things more special, and we definitely set a course for adventure. Take your theme party to the next level by doing that thing that seems like "too much". It's not. And your passengers, I mean guests, will love it.

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Bobbi said...

I would have gone as Marion Ross (the mom from Happy Days) who was on the show 10 damn times! 10! She was practically crew.